Italian Tuscan Brandy
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A light and delicately aromatic brandy

“Chio” is the name of our beautiful valley. The name comes from the Etruscan word “Chiòn” which means “hill”.

Chio is also the name of our brandy, distilled using the traditional method in small steam-heated non-continuous pot stills. The cutting between head and body is done manually by a master distiller.

Aged for over 3 years in barrique, Chio is a light, delicate Italian brandy with a slightly sweet feel in the mouth and a pleasant vanilla and spice scent.


  • Distillation process

    Distilled with traditional methods

  • Aging

    In barrique

  • Grapes

    Tuscan grapes

  • Color


  • Aroma

    Pleasant aromas of vanilla and spice

  • Taste

    The Italian Brandy tends to be light and delicate with a touch of residual sweetness

  • Alcool content

    42% vol

  • Distilled for us by

    Nannoni s.a.s, Fattoria Aratrice, Paganico-Toscana


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